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Ejuror FAQs
Jury Service
Jury service is one of the highest duties of citizenship. Your service will give you an opportunity to learn about Gwinnett County's court system and allow you to see the county's trial courts operate. While it may require some adjustment of your normal schedule and routine to serve as a juror, the judges hope that any inconvenience will be minimal and they thank you in advance for your sacrifice and effort.
when and where to start
You are required to report promptly to the Jury Assembly Room on the 1st level of the Nash Court Building on the date and at the time obtained from either the E-Juror System at www.gwinnettcourts.com/ejuror or the Juror IVR System (770-822-7170). In order to access either system you will need your juror number and date of birth. There may be unavoidable periods of delay in the selection of juries. We suggest that you bring reading material or work with you. Please note that newspapers are not permitted.
your duty
Your Jury Service duty is normally one (1) week. However, if you are participating in a trial and the trial is not completed in the week for which you were summoned, you will be required to report to the courthouse until the trial is completed. Please plan accordingly.

Your Grand Jury Service duty is for a six month term. However, your actual reporting dates vary according to the requirements of the Gwinnett County District Attorney’s Office. More detailed information will be given to you on the day of reporting.
Please use good judgment and report to jury duty properly dressed.
There is a cafeteria available in the GJAC building. The cafeteria is currently cashless, please bring a debit or credit card with you to purchase items.
Computers, cellular phones, and pagers may be used in the Jury Assembly room. Radios are not permitted.
Do not bring children to the assembly room or when reporting for jury service. Child care services are not available.
You will receive a juror payment each day that you report to the Gwinnett County Courthouse. Paper checks are mailed by the Gwinnett County Finance Department within two to three weeks following your jury service. We now offer the option of electronic Zelle payments. If enrolled in Zelle, the payment from Gwinnett County Finance Department will be deposited into your bank account within minutes. Zelle payments require the recipient to be enrolled with Zelle for funds to deposit into their checking or savings account. If not enrolled in Zelle, you will be prompted to do so via email/text. If you do not enroll within 14 days, Gwinnett County will initiate a paper check disbursement, which will be mailed to the address listed on your juror summons.
postponements / excuses
For Jury Service you may request for a one-time postponement. Your request must be received no less than 7 days prior to the starting date of your service.

For Grand Jury Service NO postponements are granted prior to your reporting date.

Unless it is a bona fide emergency, NO postponements will be granted on the day of reporting. Written requests for postponement may be faxed to 770-822-8569 or mailed to:
Jury Division
75 Langley Dr.
Lawrenceville, GA 30046-6900
Please include a daytime telephone number in your letter.
not a resident of gwinnett county
If you are not a resident of Gwinnett County, you must provide proof of your permanent residence address. A copy of your voter registration card, driver's license, or some other official document will suffice. If you are a college student you must provide a copy of your voter registration card and/or driver's license for the county in which you attend college.
Weapons are prohibited inside the justice center. This includes firearms, pocket knives, sharp objects, pepper spray, craft items such as knitting needles, scissors, cutting tools, etc. This is in compliance with Georgia code 16-11-127 and by order of the Gwinnett county courts.
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